Architectural 3D visualisation projects

A showcase of 3D visualisation projects for the architectural industry.

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German Supermarket

Client: Land Owner

This client was a landowner looking to sell his property for development by a well known chain of German supermarkets,

Multi-use learning space

Client: University of Gloucestershire

The university were looking to convert two classrooms into a multifunctioning learning space, one that would service as a classroom and a film studio individually, but could also be opened up to create a larger production space for Art and VFX.

Plan extrusion

Not all projects are big and complicated, some are simple and straight forward, this client wanted to "play around with some walls" to see if they could improve the use of the space they had. We were even able to place it within a VR environment so they could walk around in the newly reconfigured space,

House Lights

The client wanted more lighting, the Architect said it would be too much and end up looking like a spaceship. It wasn't for us to comment but we just let the image do the talking. We used industry standard, physically accurate IES files for the lights to give their fall-off the correct shape.

Planning application

Client:  Developer

Again, not the most realistic images, but they didn't need to be, the planners just needed to see intention for use of the space, often it is actually better if detail is kept minimal so as not to cause distraction, and it is much more time/cost efficient. Even so, we had our hesitations about supplying these images....the planners didn't have any regarding the application and gave permission in principle for this conversion of a former underground reservior in the lake district....if you are thinking "tracy island" are we!

Planning application
Client: Archisolve

The lovely and incredibly talented Crystal Mintram at Archisolve approached us to help get this planning application over the line. Initially the planning dept rejected the first proposal of a single storey dwelling and suggested it was out of keeping with the surroundings. In her genius, Crystal added an extra bedroom on a second level to the building and made it look like one of the garages next to the property.....the planners didnt really have any other option.