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A showcase of 3D visualisation projects for the creative industry.

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The Salon

Client: Francesco Group
Agency: Imagine Photography

Vertex Works created this traditional "Americana" themed salon as a back plate for a fantastic shot created by the guys at Imagine Photo


Client: Stoked

Concept imagery for a clothes brand.

Willy's Cider packaging

Client: Willy's Cider
Client: Room58

Willy's Cider were considering a packaging refresh at the same time as giving their brand a once over. We put together this concept to help them see how it might look on the new bottle design.

Protein strand animation

Agency: Bexmedia

Our good friends at Bexmedia reached out to us for support on this highly technical animation project, requiring us to replicate the motion of a protein strand breaking apart.

Advertising visualisation

Client: TDA

TDA wanted to give their clients the impression they would propel their clients in a rocket, fuelled by Return on investment (ROI), but with a toy like feel to the image,

Underwater Lighting effects

Client: Mi

This was a backplate created for a makeup brand offering waterproof makeup. to place their product bottles on. We created bubbles using a particle system and the light streaks are physical caustic effects.


Modelling and composition

Client: Shadowplay

Shadowplay's moto was "See Differently" and this image formed part of a series showing the word SEE, floating in different spaces.


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