Manufacturing 3D visualisation projects

A showcase of 3D visualisation projects for the manufacture industry.

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We had the pleasure of working with this beautiful piece of design. We used Phoenix FD to create the water droplets for this product animation and created suitably moody lighting to define edges..


Client: Wavin
Agency: Factor 3

Factor 3 are one of our longest standing clients and we have a strong relationship with them, which meant they placed their trust in our hands to produce this 3D animation of a storm water handling system for their client Wavin.

Steam Valves

Client: Spirax Sarco

Working for Spirax was both fascinating and incredibly technical, you may think of steam being an old fashioned concept, but it remains the most efficient way of transporting heat from one place to another. Here is a selection of the images created for them,. Dial & display info removed.

Combustion Engine

Client: Vertex Works

This is an old project as you can tell, but it was part of an R&D project testing out the process of "rigging", linking objects and their movement to other objects in hierarchy's. We added a particle system to generate the arrows showing air in and out. Finally we got a little fruity and decided to try out Phoenix FD to create the combustion and air pressure. Phoenix was very new then and has since developed into a much more powerful piece of software, and we have developed with it.

Therapy Swing

Client: Elrose Media

Elrose approached us to provide 3D renders for their clients innovative Therapy Swing. The project required animation of both the product and camera fly-through.

Shoe Reinforcements

Client: Milspeed
Agency: Factor 3

"Reinforcements have arrived" was hard to not blurt it out at the meeting but we were all thinking it. Factor 3 reached to us out for our assistance on a project for Milspeed, creating 3D images of their reinforcement inserts for shoes and a 360 camera animation for website use.


Client: Small Robot Co.

Meet Tom - "Hi Tom"
"Hello Humans"
Unfortunately Tom doesn't really talk, but he is particularly good at crop monitoring and field mapping. A chance encounter led to Small Robot Co. approaching us to create some rendered images and composites of Tom for an up coming event as poor weather had cancelled a planned photoshoot. We were able to turn these images around in a very short amount of time for use at the event.
A really fun and interesting project.